Vortens Settlement – File Claim Texas Vortens Toilets Class Action ($300 Cash!)


File a claim in the Texas Vortens Toilets Class Action Lawsuit and claim up to $300 in reimbursements.

Visit www.vortenssettlement.com to begin.

All claim forms must be in no later than 12/31/2020.

The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing on March 2, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., to consider whether the Proposed Settlement should be granted final approval.

If you do not file a claim you lose all cash settlements under the terms of this class action lawsuit.

Case Information

  • Cone, et al. v. Porcelana Corona de Mexico, et al.,
  • Case No. 4:17-cv-00001-ALM-KPJ,
  • Under review in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

VortensSettlement.com Contact Information

  • Mail: Cone v. Vortens Settlement Administrator c/o Epiq P.O. Box 4540 Portland, OR 97208-4540
  • Phone: 1-855-424-0783
  • Fax: Not found

This is the only way to get a reimbursement payment from the Settlement. You must submit a Claim Form to receive a payment in connection with this Settlement.

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What will this settlement provide?

If you file a valid claim in the Vortens Settlement Lawsuit you will either get one of two settlements depending on proof of purchase;

Upon proof of fracture, Porcelana shall provide replacement tank product compatible with the particular toilet basin to be picked up by the claimant from a location no farther than 30 miles from the owner’s residence at no cost to the class member. In the event a compatible replacement tank product is available but outside of the designated geographic area, the Class Member is entitled to warranty relief in the form of a single payment of $35 for replacement of the fractured tank.

Upon proof of fracture and in the event the entire toilet must be replaced due to incompatibility of current Porcelana tank product and the original basin, an eligible class member is entitled to reimbursement of incurred replacement expenses not to exceed $300. Class members must submit receipts or other documentary proof of replacement costs to be entitled to reimbursement, as well as an explanation of why there was no compatible tank available. – VortensSettlement Administrator

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