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STJudeICDClaim Settlement

A 5 million CAD settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit entitled Houle, et al. v. St. Jude Medical Inc., et pending in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

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The St. Jude defibrillator class action was filed in 2017 by plaintiffs claiming that the batteries in some implants were defective.

The battery defects allegedly caused the formation of lithium clusters, which reportedly resulted in premature depletion of the defibrillator batteries.

Class members claimed that St. Jude failed to warn consumers about the defective nature of their defibrillators.

St. Jude denies any actions of wrongdoing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid paying more money for lawyers.

Who should file a claim?

Legal residents of Canada who were implanted in Canada with certain St. Jude defibrillators manufactured between 1/1/2010 to 5/23/2015.

How much cash money will class members get?

For family members of deceased patients:

  • Spouses can collect up to $60,000 CAD
  • Minor children can collect up to $45,000 CAD
  • Adult children or parents can collect up to $20,000 CAD

Patients who had complications from explant surgery may be eligible to collect:

  • $1,000 CAD for same day treatment
  • $5,000 CAD for one to three days of hospitalization
  • $12,500 CAD for more than three days of hospitalization

The exact amount of money any one class member of the Houle, et al. v. St. Jude Medical Inc., is not known and will depend on the above factors.

Proof of purchase?

Class members will have to provide their hospital records and other relevant documents.

Class members will be represented by Margaret Waddell WADDELL PHILLIPS PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION and Paul Miller HOWIE SACKS & HENRY LLP.

Do not hire a lawyer. Contact Information

  • St. Jude ICD Class Action Settlement Claims Administrator c/o Epiq Class Action Services Canada Inc. Nelson P.O. Box 20187 – 322 Rideau Street Ottawa ON K1N 5Y5
  • 1-833-414-8043

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