Rack Room TCPA Settlement (Claim $10 Voucher & $5 in Cash)


A mind-altering 26 million dollar settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit entitled Goldschmidt v. Rack Room Shoes Inc.

Visit www.rackroomtcpasettlement.com to file a claim online.

Listed as case numberĀ 1:18-cv-21220-KMW, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

It should be noted that Rack Room denies any actions of wrongdoing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid further court cost.

Who should file a claim?

Anyone in the United States who enrolled in the Rack Room Rewards Program or Off Broadway Reward Program during a purchase who later received a text message from the program on or after April 2, 2014.

RackroomTCPASettlement.com Customer Service

  • Fax: Not found
  • Mail: Rack Room Settlement Administrator, c/o KCC Class Action Services LLC, P.O. Box 43507, Providence, RI 02940-3507
  • Phone: 1-866-497-4092

It should be noted that class members who elect to file the claim form by mail can send it to the address shown above.

Class Counsel

Class members do not need to hire a lawyer as the court has appointed them counsel as follows…

Scott A. Edelsberg EDELSBERG LAW PA

Manuel S. Hiraldo HIRALDO PA

Johnathan M. Kirland, Roberto L. Costales, and William H. Beaumont BEAUMONT COSTALES

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RackRoom Counsel

Mark F. Raymond, Erin K. Kolmansberger, & Kimberly J. Freedman from NELSON MULLINS BROAD AND CASSELL

Fred M. Wood Jr., Evan M. Sauda, and William H. Latham from NELSON MULLINS RILEY & SCARBOROUGH LLP.

Rack Room TCPA Settlement Deadlines

In order to benefit from the settlement, Class Members need to file a valid Claim Form by Jan. 31, 2020. The deadline for exclusion and objection is Dec. 17, 2019. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for Jan. 16, 2020.

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