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Enerbank Payments

Make payment via Enerbank online.

Super easy to use and FREE.

Simply visit www.payments.enerbank.com to get started.

You must be 18 years of age or older in order to send and receive money with Enerbank.

Enerbank Customer Service

  • Enerbank phone number 888-390-1220
  • Fax Number: Not Available
  • EnerBank Headquarters 1245 Brickyard Road Suite 600 Salt Lake City, UT 84106

In order to make a payment online, you will need to provide your Enerbank account number, last 4 digits of your SSN, and zip code.

Failure to provide any of the above information will result in a void payment.

Speical Customer Service for Enerbank Homeowners

  • General Inquiries (payments, balance, etc.) 888.390.1220, option 1
  • Loan Documentation Support 1-888.724.3552
  • Collections Department 1-888.321.6390
  • Statements 1-866.644.3662

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Payments.Enerbank.com Notes

  • Free
  • Requires internet access
  • Only available to legal US residents
  • Contractor Support toll-free number 888.390.1220, option 2

If you are an Enerbank contractor but need partner support please dial toll-free 888.700.9610.

EnerBank USA

  • Member FDIC
  • Bill themselves as America’s home improvement lender of choice
  • Charles E. Knadler serves as EnerBank US CEO

They offer strategic business partners include manufacturers, distributors, franchisors, member or trade associations, and major retailers of home improvement, remodeling, and energy-saving products and services.

EnerBank USA has historically followed the “Code of Conduct and Guide to Ethical Business Behavior” of our parent company, CMS Energy Corporation.

EnerBank Competition?

If you’re not happy with EnerBank to try out US Bank, Bank of America, or your local credit union.

Other banks worth a shot include Wells Fargo and Commerce.

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