File Claim in Loestrin Birth Control Lawsuit

A mind-blowing 63.5 million dollar settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit In re: Loestrin 24 Fe Antitrust Litigation.

Simply head on over to to file a claim or learn more about the case.

The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island and is numbered 1:13-md-02472-WES-PAS.

Class members do not need to hire a lawyer as they will be represented by Michael M. Buchman from the firm of MOTLEY RICE LLC.

The defendants will be represented by Leiv Blad Jr. from LOWENSTEIN SANDLER LLP and Peter J. Carney from WITE & CASE LLP.


Contact Information

  • Mail: In re Loestrin 24 Fe Antitrust Litigation c/o A.B. Data Ltd. P.O. Box 173085 Milwaukee, WI 53217
  • Phone: 1-877-324-0380
  • Email:


Who should file a claim?

Consumer Class Members include individuals who purchased Loestrin 24 Fe, Minastrin 24 Fe, and/or generic versions of these drugs, for personal use. Third-party payor Class Members include those, such as self-insured health plans, that purchased Loestrin 24 Fe, Minastrin 24 Fe, and/or generic versions of these drugs, for consumption by members, employees, insureds, participants, or beneficiaries, other than for resale. The Class period for both Classes is Sept. 1, 2009, through May 2, 2019.


Important Dates

9/21/2020: Claim deadline

6/22/2020: Objection or Exclusion deadline

8/27/2020 at 10:00 a.m.: Settlement fairness hearing

Please note the hearing may be moved to a different date or time without additional notice, check this website for updates.

Proof of Purchase

“Third-party payors will need to provide the amount spent on Loestrin birth control, along with supporting claims data.” –


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How much is the settlement amount?

To settle the lawsuit, the Lupin Defendants agreed: (i) to deposit $1,000,000 into a Settlement Fund; and (ii) to cooperate with End-Payor Plaintiffs in their case against the Warner Chilcott Defendants (the “Lupin Settlement”). The Warner Chilcott Defendants agreed to deposit $62.5 million into a Settlement Fund to settle all claims in the lawsuit (the “Warner Chilcott Settlement”).

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