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A mind-warping 6.5 million dollar settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit entitled Martin Schneider, et al. v. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.,

Simply head on over to to file a claim or learn more about the case.

Class members claim Chipotle Inc. misleads customers into thinking food products were “non-GMO” when in reality they were not.

Chipotle Inc. denies any action of wrongdoing but has agreed to settle in order to avoid further litigation.


Who should file a claim?

Consumers who purchased food or beverages containing meat and/or dairy ingredients from Chipotle between April 27, 2015, and June 30, 2016.” Contact Information

  • Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action c/o Class Action Settlement Administrator 1650 Arch St., Suite 2210 Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • 1-877-715-4517
  • Opt-Out mailing address: CLASS ACTION OPT-OUT ATTN: Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action PO Box 58220 Philadelphia, PA 19102


How much will class members receive?

With proof of purchase: 10 meals can be claimed for a maximum payment of $20.

Without proof of purchase: only five meals can be claimed for a maximum payment of $10.

Please note according to the terms of the settlement each household is able to claim up to 15 meals total, for a maximum payment of $30.

Proof of purchase will come in the form of a receipt from the visit to Chipotle in question.


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Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action Important Dates and Other Information

The case is under review in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and claims must be filed by 5/30/2020 in order to be eligible for a cash payment.

Class members do not need to hire a lawyer as they will be represented by Matthew B. George, Mario M. Choi, Frederic S. Fox, Laurence D. King, and Donald R. Hall from the law firm of KAPLAN FOX & KILSHEIMER LLP.

Class Counsel will ask the Court to approve payment of up to 30% of the entire Fund, to them for attorneys’ fees plus costs.


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