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A mind-numbing 15 million dollar settlement has been proposed in the class action lawsuit entitled In re: CenturyLink Sales Practices and Securities Litigation.

Visit www.centurylinkmdlclasssettlement.com to file a claim or learn more about the case.

Luckily class members do not need to hire a lawyer as they will be represented by the BIG BOY DUO of Zimmerman Reed LLP, O’Mara Law Group, and Geragos & Geragos APC (BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!).


Who should file a claim?

According to official case documents, we found the following should file claims ASAP… “A “Settlement Class Member” is included if they were a residential or small business customer in the United States who, during the Class Period (January 1, 2014 to January 24, 2020), had an account for local or long-distance telephone, internet, or television services with a CenturyLink Operating Company.


CenturyLinkMDLClassSettlement.com Contact Information

  • Phone: 1-877-497-5924
  • Email: info@CenturyLinkMDLClassSettlement.com
  • Postal mailing address: CenturyLink MDL Class Settlement – 6757, PO Box 479, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0479

In order to see the complete file, you should visit www.pacer.gov or the Clerk’s office at 300 South Fourth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415. The Clerk will tell you how to obtain the file for inspection and copying at your own expense.


Not happy with the 14 million dollar settlement?

Let the judge know how you feel and speak up! NOW!

You can attend the settlement fairness hearing and speak to the judge live in person by visiting the United States District Court, U.S. Courthouse, 300 South Fourth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415, Courtroom 13E… you will speak with the Honorable Judge Michael J. Davis.

The hearing will take for one day only on 8/27/2020… be there or be squared.


Do I have to pay these lawyers?

Heck, no bruh!

Settlement Class Counsel, and any other attorneys involved in bringing the case and similar actions, will ask the Court to award attorneys’ fees of up to one-third of the maximum value of the Settlement (see Section 7 above) plus reimbursement of costs. The Court will make the final decision as to the amount to be paid to the attorneys for their fees and costs. You will not be required to separately pay any attorneys’ fees or costs.


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