www.YourKFC.co.uk 20 Discount Voucher – YourKFC Guest Experience (15 Off Code)

www.yourkfc.co.uk 20 discount voucher

KFC Feedback Survey

Chow down on some fried chicken at KFC and then take the KFC Feedback survey to receive a 10% discount voucher which can be used on a future KFC visit.

Simply visit www.YourKFC.co.uk to begin.

You will be asked to provide the KFC store number, date of purchase, time of purchase, and KFC order number to begin.

All feedback will be used to improve customer service at the KFC location in question.

Your KFC Complaints?

If you had any issues in regards to your KFC Visit that were not covered via the Your KFC feedback survey please dial toll-free 1-800-225-5532.

KFC Customer Service

Best KFC Coupons and Deals

KFC coupons are not easy to find.

If your looking for consistent coupons on the regular you may want to consider the Colonel’s Club.

You can sign up for this money-saving coupon club at www.kfc.com/colonels-club.

Signing up for the KFC Colonels Club is a must for people who chow down at KFC more than a couple of times per month.

In order to join the Colonels Club, you must provide your name (first and last), email address, and zip code.

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Who or what is KFC?

KFC was founded in 1930 and lays claim to being the second-largest fast-food chain in the world (only behind the Golden Arches aka McDonald’s).

Top menu items from KFC include Original Recipe Fried Chicken, Smoky Mountain BBQ Sandwich, The 5 Fill Up Bucket, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and the Nashville Hot Chicken (when and where available).

The best menu item at KFC is the The Colonel’s famous mashed potatoes.

This dish is served up hot, creamy and covered with KFC’s signature gravy.

YourKFC Survey Website

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