Kona Grill Customer Survey Instructions

  • Talk the step dads into chowing down at the Kona Grill
  • Find a Kona Grill Near You
  • Consult the Kona Grill Menu ahead of time
  • Save the receipt
  • Access the internet and visit
  • Input the 15 digit survey code
  • Answer all the survey questions honestly

Please note all feedback will be used to increase the customer service at the Kona Grill in which visit took place.

Customers will have to answer about 10 questions and spend around 8 minutes.

CAW Pick’s! Notes

  • Feedback will be used to make hiring and firing decisions
  • It is not known if a promotional coupon or sweepstakes entry is provided for completing the survey
  • SMG is in charge of gathering all of the information

Kona Grill Customer Survey Website


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