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www.MyBKExperience.com Survey Instructions

  • Find a BK (use the Burger King Near Me search tool)
  • Check out the Burger King Menu
  • order up some grub
  • Hurry home and access the Internet
  • Navigate to www.mybkexperience.com
  • Input the required information
  • Answer all the Burger King survey questions
  • Collect the FREE WHOPPER coupon

Also, please note the customer will need the BK restaurant number in order to take the survey along with the date/time of visit, and the Burker King Survey Code.

Furthermore, to find a Burger King Restaurant Number please call the BK corporate office at 1-305-378-3000.

MyBKExperience.com Survey Notes

  • Burger King fanboys will love the free Whopper Plopper coupon
  • All in the www.mybkexperience.com free whopper coupon is worth about 5 bucks

www.mybkexperience.com English or Spanish

Burger King Coupons?

Burger King Coupons

Here are a few more tricks to receive more Burger King coupons.

  1. Download the Burger King App and you might receive a welcome coupon (this has a 40% success rate)
  2. Call the Burger King corporate office and simply ask for a coupon. This high-risk high rewards strategy has a 20% success rate. We have had luck a few times using this strategy at places like McDonald’s and Bojangles
  3. Visit the official Burger King Coupon Page. This has a 100% success rate and has a bunch of BOGO offers.
  4. Visit the BK RetailMeNot page. 90% of the time they will have a valid BK coupon.
  5. Drive up to your local Burger King and ask if there are any coupons available. Super easy, low risk.

Burger King coupons are not that hard to find with a little effort.

Follow the above strategies and you will be chowing down on some Burger King by lunchtime!

Author Pick’s

  • MCDVoice – The legendary McDonald’s customer survey. Consider it a privilege to take this survey.
  • TalkToBo – Earn a free sandwich from Bojangles.
  • Walmart Credit – Need a credit card? Walmart has you covered!

Burger King Customer Service

Burger King Customer Service
The Burger King “King” Mascot

Facebook is a great way to contact Burger King as the average response time via FB IM is 8 minutes.

Must Try Burger King Menu Items

Here is a list of BK menu items that will get your appetite a churning.

Burger King Menu

  • The Whopper (DUH) – Only two burger on earth are better… the Big Mac and a burger at Olive & Oak.
  • BK French Fries – You would be 100% nuts not to order a sack of french fries with your Whopper.
  • PB&J Jamwich – Burger Kings take on the original peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ideal for kids 3 and younger.
  • Sourdough King – Not in the league of a Big Mac or Whopper but a dang good burger in its own right… especially if you’re a fan of sourdough bread.
  • Double Bacon Breakfast SOURDOUGH KING – Not much at BK is good breakfast wise but this sandwich is worth a few chomps.

Survey Website

  1. www.mybkexperience.com

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