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www.KP.org/PayOnline One Time Payment!

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Kaiser Pay Online One Time Payment Instructions

  1. Confirm with the wife you have a Kaiser Permanente account
  2. If the green light is given navigate to www.kp.org/payonline
  3. Click on the one-time payment tab (towards the right-hand side of the screen)
  4. If you can’t find the one-time payment tab just go here ebill.kaiserpermanente.org/ckaiserpayExpress
  5. Select your region (i.e. Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia, California)
  6. Now you can make a one-time payment
  7. REGISTRATION is NOT required in order to make a one-time payment

Customers who register will be able to access their current balance, set up auto payments (recommended), view your payment history, and update their personal information (i.e. address, phone number).

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Please note the Kaiser PayOnline is a free service offered by Kaiser Permanente that allows you to manage your payments online.

www.kp.org/payonline Notes

  • Super easy to use
  • Please have a copy of the Kaiser bill along with a credit card, debit card, or bank account when making a payment
  • The service provides a tutorial video for those who are a little slow (Watch video tutorial)
  • Payment information can be kept on file for easier future payments
  • For nonmembers or members who are not registered for secure online services. You need the guarantor’s account # and last name

Any questions in regards to the KaiserPay Online Payment Service can be directed to  1-866-278-9502.

Kaiser Permanente Member Services?

  • 800-464-4000 or TTY 711 800-788-0616 (Spanish)
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest 500 NE Multnomah St. Suite 100 Portland, OR 97232
  • Medicare consumers should dial 800-805-2739 or TTY 711 for more information
  • Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy

Need help paying a www.kp.org/payonline bill?  Contact Patient Financial Services at 1-800-442-4014, option 3 to request a payment arrangement.

Kaiser Pay Online One Time Payment Website

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