Claim a $40 Voucher in Med-Stop TCPA Settlement

Who is a Class Member

Anyone who received “material advertising” from Med-Stop or any affiliated subsidiaries between the dates of June 13, 2013 and September 11, 2017. Potential members must verify the number which received an unapproved call during the time frame.

Settlement Amount

$80,000 and a “voucher” for any qualifying claim.

  • The voucher is valid for $40 towards services at Med-Stop’s regular prices at the time of redemption.

Proof of Purchase

Class members must submit the facsimile number which received a fax advertisement from Med-Stop.

Claim Form

class action lawsuits

Important Dates

09/11/2017: Preliminary Approval Order

12/11/2017: Exclusion Deadline (mailed copies must be dated prior to the date).

12/29/2017: Objection Deadline

01/08/2018: Final Hearing

03/09/2018: Claim Filing Deadline

Settlement Notes

  • Swinter Group, Inc. v. Med-Stop, Inc. d/b/a Med-Stop, et al.
  • Case No. 1711-CC00572
  • Pending in the Missouri Circuit Court for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, County of St. Charles

Class members of the Med-Stop TCPA class action lawsuit claim that Med-Stop was/is in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending advertisements without the proper notice from recipients. Plaintiffs are moving on Med-Stop’s acting without express invitation or permission from the effected class members.The defense denies all accusations and subsequent liability, but have agreed to a settlement in an effort to avoid ongoing further litigation and uncertain risk in determining a guilty party.

Med-Stop has agreed to establish a settlement fund to a total of $80,000 in addition to a $40 voucher for each approved claim. All vouchers are transferable. The estimated value of these vouchers is over $300,000 with more than 7,500 likely class members. Class counsel fees and expenses will be paid from the settlement fund with a cap of $70,000. The defense has agreed to this with no room for objection toward court rulings. In exchange for vouchers and the established fund, any involved class members agree to yield any filings against the defendant outside of the class action lawsuit.

Involved class members will be represented by the court appointed Ronald J. Eisenberg (Schultz & Associates LLP). Med-Stop wll receive defense counsel from David P. Stoeberl (Carmody Macdonald P.C.).

Contact Information

Med-Stop Claim Administrator

c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614
Phone: 1-844-755-9508

Settlement Website

Med-Stop TCPA Class Action Settlement

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