Kettle Brand Potato Chips Contain Synthetic Ingredients, Class Action Says

The maker of Kettle brand potato chips is once again under fire over allegations its potato chips are falsely labeled as being “Made with Natural Ingredients” and containing “No Preservatives”. Plaintiff Denise Mason filed the false advertising class action lawsuit against Diamond Foods in New York federal court this week, claiming its Kettle brand potato … Read more

Ben & Jerry’s Class Action Says Ice Cream Comes From “Inhumane Dairy Farms”

Ben & Jerry’s is being called to task over allegations its ice cream isn’t actually humanely sourced from “happy cows” as their advertising and packaging claims. The Organic Consumers Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public interest organization filed the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream class action lawsuit earlier this month, alleging that the ice cream products … Read more

Nestle Pure Life Purified Bottled Water Contains Plastic Contaminants, Class Action Says

Nestle is facing a federal class action lawsuit alleging the food and beverage giant’s Pure Life Purified bottled water contains high levels of plastic contaminants, despite being marketed as being “Purified”. Plaintiff Cindy Baker of Los Angeles says she was unaware of the true nature of Nestle Pure Life Purified bottled water when she purchased … Read more

V8 Splash Class Action Lawsuit Says Fruit Juice is Nothing But Sugar Water

Campbell Soup Company is facing allegations that it falsely advertised its V8 Splash juice beverages and healthy and natural, when according to a consumer class action lawsuit, they actually contain “massive amounts of refined sugar.” Many consumers seek out natural food products and are willing to pay a lot more for these products when compared … Read more