Spencers Data Breach Settlement, Claim Form, Up To $500 Cash

Spencers Data Breach Settlement

This settlement will resolve claims that Spencers failed to prevent a 2021 data breach that compromised employee information.

Spencers denies all actions of wrongdoing but has agreed to settle to avoid a lengthy court battle.

Who Should File A Claim?

Anyone whom received a notice that their personally identifying information was compromised in the Spencer Gifts data breach between Nov. 24 and 26, 2021.

How To File A Claim?

Please go here to submit a claim form online.

All claim forms must be in by 1/23/2022.

Those who fail to file a claim will not receive settlement benefits.

Case Name

Gonshorowski v. Spencer Gifts LLC, Case No. ATL-L-000311-22, in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Atlantic County

How Much Does The Settlement Provide?

Up to $500 cash will will be mailed to class members in the form of a check.

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