Samsung Smart TV Loss of YouTube Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiff Lance Baird filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung asking them to restore YouTube access to Samsung TV’s that were made in 2013 and before.  Lance Baird states that owners of Samsung Smart TVs from 2013 and earlier lost their access to YouTube sometime in June 2017.  He is asking that Samsung takes steps to restore YouTube in these TV’s.

The plaintiff claims that he was never sent advanced notice that he would lose the YouTube App and that Samsung simply blames YouTube for the loss of the app.

The Samsung Smart TV YouTube Failure Class Action Lawsuit is entitled Baird v. Samsung Electronics America Inc., and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Plantiff Lance Baird is being represented by the David R. Ongaro from the law firm of Ongaro PC.  Ongaro PC is a San Francisco based law firm specializing in employment law and product litigation.  Any questions in regards to the Samsung Smart TV YouTube Failure Class Action Lawsuit can be directed to attorney David R. Ongaro at

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  1. Where can I be part of this. This happened to me, and I was very upset that I need now to have to purchase equipment to be able to receive YOUTube on my “Smart TV.”


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