A Virginia couple has filed a proposed consumer class action lawsuit against Samsung alleging certain refrigerator models have defective ice makers.

Plaintiffs Ron and Debra Bianchi filed the Samsung Ice Maker class action lawsuit in New Jersey federal court claims the refrigerators are defective in a number of ways.The refrigerators, designed and manufactured by Samsung, and sold under the Samsung brand name, include French doors for the upper fresh food compartment and pull-out drawers for the freezer compartments, as well as the external dispenser built-in-door ice makers.

According to the complaint, the Samsung refrigerators have specific defects that affect the built-in-door ice makers which result in leaking and slush, over-freezing in the ice compartment, water leakage from the ice house to below the refrigerator crisper trays, fan noise from an over-iced compartment, and “freezing up”.

These ice maker problems require the consumer to perform their own maintenance and repair, since Samsung reportedly does not offer repair or replacement. Essentially, when the ice maker ices over and ceases to function, consumers are either left to their own to fix it or are left with a unusable ice maker, the Samsung Ice Maker class action lawsuit states.

In the Bianchis’ case, they purchased a Samsung 22.5 cu. Foot French Door Refrigerator with an external built-in ice maker online from a Home Depot in Fairfax, Virginia at a purchase price of $2,536.66. One of the selling points that propelled their decision to purchase the Samsung refrigerator was that the ice maker would make up to 5.2 pounds of ice per day. However, just two years after their purchase and not long after their one-year warranty expired, the couple’s ice maker began experiencing water buildup in the exit chute within the door of the refrigerator where the ice maker is located; water would leak into the ice access area in the refrigerator door, filling the reservoir at the base of the cutout in the door. Following this, the Bianchis’ ice maker fan began to emit loud, jarring noises.

As the issues persisted, the couple called for service and a technician inspected the ice maker (the noise had stopped by this time) who reported that the fan was frozen shut and that the noise was caused by the fan hitting the over-iced ice maker. The technician further reported that the ice maker was defective and un-fixable. The bill for the service call was $125.

Since the problems continued, Mr. Bianchi found further information on potential fixes. In keeping with what the technician advised, and also with these additional recommendations, Mr. Bianchi continued to defrost and dry the ice maker and ice house once every week or two to clear out slush and ice overflow buildup. Despite this repair, the Bianchi’s ice maker continued to ice over and not function.

The couple says had they known of the defects with the Samsung ice maker, they would have chosen a different brand. Apparently the Bianchis aren’t the only consumers up in arms over the Samsung ice makers. The class action lawsuit cites numerous consumer complaints about the defective Samsung ice makers and claims that Samsung has known of the problems with their ice makers for years but has failed to take action to repair or replace them.

The Bianchis are seeking to represent a proposed class of thousands of consumers who owned and used residential Samsung refrigerators with French Door External Dispenser built-in-door ice makers.

They are represented by Paul J. Hanley Jr. of Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC and Jonathan Shub of Kohn Swift & Graf PC.

The Samsung Defective Ice Maker Class Action Lawsuit is Ronald Bianchi and Debra Bianchi v. Samsung Electronics America Inc. et al., Case No. 2:17-cv-01263, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

  1. Stephanie Browning

    We have had the same issue as well as the fridge freezing up from “bad sensors” fridge isn’t even barely 2 years old and paid about 2k for it. Can hear it buzzing from the other room right now. Was told it’s out of warranty and have to pay another service technician to come out and repair it after already repairing it once. I definitely want in on this lawsuit!

  2. I have icing up issues due to a poor design caused by an air gap. My refrig is only 13 months old. Can I join this suit?

  3. We have the Samsung Four Door Model RF23J9011. We wouldn’t have bought this model, had we known the ice maker had these problems. Paid over $2300.00. Sad that a company as large as Samsung wouldn’t first, design a ice maker that works. And even more so, won’t stand behind the defect in their product. Speaks Volumes!!!!

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