Northern Leasing Credit Card Equipment Fees Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member

  • Anyone who leased a credit card processing terminal (or swipe pad) and paid (or was asked to pay) taxes and fees on the lease by Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.

Preliminary Settlement

  • Members whom money was collected in connection with the SKS Allegations will receive the full amount collected (not including any refunds provided and received) plus $41.75
  • Members whom money was not collected in connection with the SKS allegations will receive $15
  • Members of the Property Tax Equipment Cost Basis Class will receive $14.25 for each year following March 26, 2006 that property taxes were paid based on a cost greater than the “equipment cost”

Required Documentation (Proof)

  • Claims must be submitted online or a hard-copy mailed. The form demands business name, notice ID number, and additional personal information. Claims certify that Leasing Defendants collected/tried to collect property taxes and administration fees

Claim Form

  • class action lawsuits

Important Dates

  • 10/31/17: Exclusion Deadline
  • 10/31/17: Objection Deadline
  • 11/28/17: Hearing Attendance Deadline (written objection must be filed)
  • 12/31/17: Claim Submission Deadline

Northern Leasing Credit Card Equipment Fees Class Action Settlement Case Notes

  • Rainbow Business Solutions, et al. v. Northern Leasing, Inc., et al.
  • Case Number: 4:10-cv-01993-CW

The Rainbow Business Solutions, et al. v. Northern Leasing, Inc., et al. settlement revolves around individuals and business entities who paid or were called upon to pay taxes and fees on leased credit card equipment from the defense.Filing began in 2010 with the claim that Northern Leasing and others worked together to charge erroneous fees and property tax with ties to credit card equipment and related services.The acclaimed businesses are also liable for additional administrative fees that were tied to personal property tax for the leased credit card equipment. While the targeted period lasted from 2006 to 2010, negotiations have been attempted and failed since original filing, but the current settlement agreement was approved in August 2017 and amended subsequently in September.

Class Counsel

  • Gutride Safier LLP (Adam Gutride, Seth A. Safier, and Kristen Simpicio)

Defense Counsel

  • Moses & Singer LLP (Arnold N. Bressler, Esq.and Scott E. Silberfien, Esq.)


  • Website:
  • Mailing Addresses: listed on website
  • Claim Administrator: 877-221-7632
  • Class Counsel: 415-639-9090
  • Defense Counsel: 212-554-7845

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