New Equifax FCRA Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Another class action lawsuit has been filed against Equifax in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.  This lawsuit is in regards to the massive data breach affecting more than 140 million consumers in the United States.  The plaintiff James Andrew Crossett in Case No. 4:17-cv-02434 claims that Equinox violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act when hackers obtained an enormous amount of private personal information (PPI) from Equifax customers.  The lawsuit also mentions the “free” identity theft protection that was originally offered by Equifax but prohibited consumers from entering into a class action lawsuit against the company if they took advantage of the free id theft protection service.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires companies to protect consumers privacy at which Equifax failed at according to Crossett v. Equifax Inc.  Plaintiff James Andrew Crossett argues that not only was Equifax negligent with the data breach but they also failed to report the incident to the public in a timely manner (they waited a whooping six weeks to disclose the breach to consumers.  According to the Equifax lawsuit “On September 7, 2017, major news outlets began reporting on the July 2017 Breach,”.  Due to the delay in relaying the data breach consumers were denied the chance to protect themselves from fraudulent use of their personally identifiable information.

The Equifax FCRA Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit states “Given the nature, extent, and sheer volume of sensitive PPI entrusted to it, Equifax was, and is, required to maintain that information in a secure manner and out of the hands of unauthorized individuals and organizations,”.

Mr. Crossett has hired the law firm of Gori Julian & Associates PC to represent him in this case (specifically attorneys D. Todd Mathews, Evan D. Buxner, and Megan T. Arvola).  The case is entitled Crossett v. Equifax Inc. and will be pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

Questions about this class action lawsuit can be directed to Gori Julian & Associates PC.

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