Loblaw Card Services.ca Activation (Start Here)

Loblaw Card Program

  • The Loblaw Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company
  • Questions in regards to Loblaw Card Services.ca Activation can be directed to toll free 1-877-227-0956 or 1-855-465-8881 or email info@LoblawCard.ca
  • Sign in with your card number, ‘Plastic Valid Thru’ date and security code
  • Loblaw will be under the name Dominion stores in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • The activation page is available in English and French

In order to start the bothersome activation process the customer will need their Loblaw Card Number and access to the Internet.

>>>Activate Now<<<

The Loblaw Program is associated with the following Loblaw retailers: Loblaws, ValuMart, NOFRILLS, Real Canadian Superstore, Provigo, Maxi, Extra Foods, Zehrs, City Market, Independent City Market, Clue Entrepot, Wholesale Club Canada, Cash & Carry, and Presto.

Loblaw Card Services.ca Activation

Why in the world is Loblaw giving its customers these cards?

Loblaw discovered that Canadians were overcharged for the cost of some packaged bread products in our stores and other grocery stores across Canada. In response, we offered eligible customers who registered by May 8, 2018 a $25 Loblaw Card that can be used to purchase items sold in our grocery stores across Canada. Click here for the list of stores. (this is not a class action lawsuit however)

LoblawCardServices.ca Program Notes

  • All eligible customers who registered by May 8, 2018 will receive a $25 Loblaw Card that can be used to purchase items sold in Loblaw grocery stores across Canada
  • Once the card has been registered please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery (although most cards should be delivered in 6 or less)
  • When using the card the customer SHOULD NOT have to show any further ID (although Loblawreserves the right to ask the customer to show additional ID to make a purchase)
  • How do I activate my card? Cards will be fulfilled and distributed by Blackhawk Network (Canada) Ltd. To activate your card, please visit Blackhawk’s dedicated program website at www.LoblawCardServices.ca
  • The card can be used immediately upon activation at any Loblaw Retailer

Looking for lawsuits?

If funds remain on the card after the valid thru date the card holder has the right to request those funds from Loblaws 25 gift card registration.

loblaws card

What kind of shopping restrictions are we looking at when using the card?

  • Federal and provincial regulations do not allow the purchase of alcohol or tobacco with cards of this sort (saw that coming from a mile away)
  • Card cannot be used at The Mobile Shop, or Cooking School in Loblaw stores (obvi)
  • Card cannot be used at third party businesses in Loblaw stores (strange but OK)
  • Card cannot be used for gas station and pay-at-the-pump transactions

Please note Loblaw reserves the right to modify or terminate the loblaw card services.ca activate program at any point in time for any reason.

Again any questions concerning the Loblaw Card Activation process can be directed to toll free 1-877-227-0956.


  1. www.loblawcardservices.ca
  2. www.loblawcard.ca/en/faqs
  3. Loblaw Card Cardholder Agreement
  4. www.loblawcard.ca/en/status (check Loblaw card status)

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