LA Fitness Class Action Alleges Deceptive Gym Membership Agreements

Fitness International, an affiliate of LA Fitness, is under fire for allegedly misleading consumers into thinking they are signing up for a one month membership, when, according to a class action lawsuit, they are actually entering into one year membership agreements.

Plaintiff Lori Rocca filed the LA Fitness class action lawsuit January 15 in California federal court. Rocca says she was persuaded by the high-pressure sales techniques of an LA Fitness sales representative to purchase a membership at a location in South Tampa, Florida. She says the sales rep told her that she could cancel the gym membership and be charged only for a single month.

Per the 15-page LA Fitness class action complaint, Rocca sent a letter via certified mail canceling the gym membership in accordance with LA Fitness’ representations. Despite canceling, LA Fitness continued to charge her credit card each month. Rocca claims that when she contacted LA Fitness to dispute the charges, she was told she signed an agreement that allowed LA Fitness to deduct “thousands of dollars” from her account that she never agreed to.

“Defendants pressured consumers into signing agreements for yearlong gym memberships by misleading consumers into believing that they were only obtaining and obligated to pay for one month membership,” the LA Fitness class action states.

As a result of LA Fitness’ alleged deceptive membership agreements and sales tactics, Rocco was prompted to file this class action lawsuit. And according to the LA Fitness deceptive membership agreements class action lawsuit, she is not the only consumer who feels ripped off and cheated by LA Fitness. At this time, it is estimated there are at least 100 members in the proposed class and subclasses who believe they were victim to LA Fitness’ scheme to mislead consumers and incentivize them to purchase gym memberships.

“Defendants conduct had a strong tendency and likelihood to deceive reasonable consumers. Defendants’ conduct misled, deceived, and tricked Plaintiff and Class members into purchasing Defendants’ services they would not have purchased in the absence of Defendants’ deception.”

Rocco seeks to represent a nationwide class of consumers who purchased Fitness International (LA Fitness) services “within the applicable statute of limitations.” The LA Fitness class action lawsuit was brought on four counts, including violations of California and Florida consumer protection laws, fraudulent business practices, and false advertising. Along with injunctive and declaratory relief, the class action lawsuit is requesting the court to award full restitution and actual, treble, and punitive damages.

Rocca and the proposed class are represented by Todd M. Friedman of the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman PC.

The LA Fitness Deceptive Membership Agreements Class Action Lawsuit is Lori Rocca et al. v. Fitness International LLC, et al., Case No. 8:18-cv-00058, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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