iPhone Class Action Lawsuits Being Filed Over Slowed Phones

A growing number of class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple over its slowed down iPhones. The company has admitted that it uses software to intentionally slows down the performance of its iPhones when batteries are cold, low, or old. The slowdown affects the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and SE, reducing the cellphone’s user performance when operating the phone and to allegedly prevent a sudden shutdown of the iPhone, according to the company.

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A Growing Number of Lawsuits Pending

As of last count, the company was facing a total of 32 lawsuits in the U.S. alone for its decision to slow down older model iPhones. As many as 12 lawsuits have been filed by residents of California alone including a class action suit. Another class action suit was filed in Illinois with separate suits filed by individuals in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina to name a few.

Other law firms filing a lawsuit against Apple over slowed phones:

In a majority of the suits, the plaintiffs have alleged that Apple fraudulently forces the purchase of new model iPhones with the slowed-down performance of older models. The plaintiffs also allege that Apple is deliberately interfering with their property without the users’ consent.

In the California, where a majority of the lawsuits are originating from, class action members are claiming that they suffer from economic losses dues to the slowdown and are deserving of compensation for their losses.

In this class action case, the plaintiffs are seeking compensation on behalf of all owners of iPhones older than the 8 model. The compensation they are seeking includes new batteries, phone upgrade, loss of use and value, and deprivation of their current iPhone model. The same suit argues that the class members are also entitled to compensation based Apple’s interference in their purchase and not receiving what they paid for.

Additional lawsuits have been filed against Apple globally with the most notable to date in South Korea. This class action suit is filed on behalf 370,000 individuals and is expected to be one of the largest suits the company will fight. The class members are seeking $2.2. million won in compensation. Australia, Canada, and France have also filed similar lawsuits against the iPhone creator.

Apple’s Admission and Action

Apple’s iPhone performance issues made news when Reddit members replaced their slowed down models with new batteries and saw an instant uptick in performance of the device. Primate Labs conducted its own analysis of older model iPhones and confirmed the Reddit users’ suspicions.

Apple has defended its actions to slow down older model iPhones to prevent an abrupt shutdown of the device due to a higher power draw than the batteries could handle. The company said the batteries have a limited lifespan and are only expected to last three years. Apple said the issue could be resolved by replacing the battery in the device at the cost of $29 – down from its previous $79 value.

In a statement to its customers Apple said, “First and foremost, we have never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive

customer upgrades. Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that.”

The company is also being investigated by the U.S. and France for the same issue.

19 thoughts on “iPhone Class Action Lawsuits Being Filed Over Slowed Phones”

  1. I bought both daughter’s IPhone 6 IPHONE 7 they stated that the reason for phone slowing down was because of New IPhone and Apple does it purposefully to make consumer buy a new phone.

    • I just bought an I phone 8plus beacause my I phone 6 wasn’t working to slow I use my phone to e mail at my work a new phone cost me 849.00 very dispointed in Apple I still have my 6 plus

  2. I love my 5S and I can tell you yes it slowed down drastically when the new ones came out. It still doesn’t pick up like it used to. Very disappointed in it.

  3. Had to replace my 6 with an 8 when the battery stopped charging and it slowed down so much it was useless
    Went to replace battery and it literally BLEW up and caught fire in the store
    I bought the 8 and two days later found out Apple Salvatore’s the older phones. I’ve always used Apple and I will never ever buy another Apple product after this

  4. I want to be added to the lawsuit. I have an iPhone se and iPhone 6. They are less than 6 months old and they are slowing down and battery life is diminished quite a lot.

  5. I have went through two iPhones. The last one I bought is a iPhone 5s. I tried to update it and it messed up. Had to take to a shop and pay for repair. Runs slow and freezes. The iPhone 5s should be included in the lawsuit.
    I will not buy another Apple iPhone.

  6. My I phone 6 Have to charge it at least 3times a day battery goes dead Phone also freezes up and I have a very tough time shutting it down to reboot it Also after rebooting it is frozen so again I fight with it to get it to shut down,

  7. As soon as the software updates cam out the iPhone 6S plus instantly started draining battery. Something I never had issues with in the past. I researched this and seems to be a known problem without a fix. Updates also came out same time Apple released the iPhone 8 and X versions.

    • This is the argument I had with Apple as well. I called to let them know that I had automatic updates turned off on my phone and I didn’t want the update. After about a month of refusing it, I plugged it in and went to bed then woke in the morning and it was automatically updated!! Then after that my battery was dying all the time and my texts were messed up and I wasn’t getting my emails for work. I was forced to upgrade to the 8 but I’m sending it back. I don’t care for the new features and this one is already giving me issues with glitching and shutting down a program while I’m using it. Plus the home button sucks and is totally dependent on touch and doesn’t work a lot of the time. It’s a struggle to go to the home screen from lock mode. I tell all this to Apple and he says “well there’s a feedback tab on our website if you’d like then you can add this there. Nothing I can do to help you since the phone has updated itself.” Not update once but twice without my permission!! Don’t you have to agree to the new terms and co diction’s every time you update anyway? So who agreed to do it if I didn’t? Ugh.

  8. IPhone 5c. Slowed down when new iPhone 8 came out AT&T tested it said it was battery I needed a new phone !! Said they didn’t have batteries ?!?!

  9. My iPhone 6s Plus the battery stays dead. I have to charge it 3 to 4 times a day plus I lose connection a lot my calls drop. Every since the new phones came out. I’m not ready to get another phone. Io like this one

  10. My husband and I both had IPhone 6, we used them for over 3 yrs. Between the batteries needing charged several times a day and it slowing down, we finally upgraded to 8 Plus.. What a crock! We live in Northern KY! I’m interested in class action!

  11. I am interested in class action. I bought a SE and it started acting very slow, and blanking out -etc. within the first month. I thought something was very odd about how my phone was acting.


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