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Money makes the world go around…and as a consumer, you may sometimes feel as if you’ve been pushed off the merry-go-round so that big business can have it all!

Here’s the good news: Making money from class action settlements isn’t just possible. It’s something to which, in many cases, you are entitled. But the class action system has become so complicated that some consumers resign themselves to letting go of their dreams of winning.

Don’t be one of those individuals. Instead, use this site to learn exactly what you need to do to file a claim. Follow these steps to success:

  1. Documentation: Many cases don’t even demand that you have proof. But by having the right documentation available, you may receive a bigger slice of the money pie.
  2. Stay informed: Many class action settlements fly under the consumer radar. That’s great for big business when it comes to their profit, but not for consumers! Be proactive by signing up for alerts with in order to receive the latest settlement news via email.
  3. Take action: Did you just discover that you qualify for a settlement? Don’t delay! Every settlement has a strict deadline to file in order to claim what you deserve. Take action immediately to fill out and send in that claim form.
  4. What to save: We live in an era where between remembering your passwords and your great grandma’s birthday, it’s tempting to toss out unnecessary details. But your claim confirmation number is one essential item that you’ll want to carefully save in a safe place.
  5. Where to go with questions: Don’t sweat it if questions arise while you are filling out the form or trying to determine if you qualify to participate in the class action lawsuit. Call the settlement administrator for specific details. Class Action Wallet always highlights the settlement administrator contact information on all claims.
  6. Have patience: While it can be challenging to wait, it can sometimes take days or even months to receive your check. This waiting period is particularly true for big settlements, so it’s worthwhile to cultivate patience.
  7. Mail call: After your highly awaited check or rebate arrives in the mail, cash it in promptly.

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