Frito-Lay All Natural Ingredients Class Action Lawsuit

Frito-Lay has agreed to remove the “made with all natural ingredients” labeling from its products in response to the class action lawsuit entitled Frito-Lay North America Inc. All Natural Food Litigation, which is Case No. 1:12-md-02413.  The case took place in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York and was a hard fought victory for the class action plaintiffs.

A number of similar class action lawsuits against Frito-Lay were consolidated into one claiming that Frito-Lay misled consumers into thinking several of its products did not contain genetically modified ingredients, or “GMOs.”  Frito-Lay denies any actions of wrong doing BUT could not guarantee they did not use GMO’s as bioengineered corn seeds make up about 90 percent of the U.S. corn supply.  The plaintiffs targeted the following Frito-Lay products in the lawsuit: Tostitos, SunChips and Fritos Bean Dip.

The class action plantiffs main goal from day one was to Frito-Lay revise its labeling to remove indications that the products were “all natural”.  Class members will not receive a payment (or coupon) in regards to Frito-Lay North America Inc. All Natural Food Litigation, but the class action plaintiff who brought the case forward will each receive a $5000 payment.  The Judge has also ordered Frito-Lay to spend $215,000 in order to publicize the terms of the settlement to the general public/class members.

The plaintiff in the Frito-Lay All Natural Ingredients class action lawsuit were represented by Ariana J. Tadler and Henry J. Kelston (Milberg LLP) and by Michael R. Reese and George V. Granade (Reese LLP).

Milberg LLP can be reached at 1-877-692-1965,, or by mail at Milberg LLP, Attn: Shareholder Services, One Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York 10119.

Reese LLP can be reached at (212 643 0500), mreese[at]reesellp[dot]com, or by mail at 875 Avenue of the Americas, Eighteenth Floor, New York, New York 10001.



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