FPL Hurricane Irma Inadequate Preparation Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiff Octavio Fernandez has filed a lawsuit against Florida Power & Light in regards to rate hikes imposed on consumers in order to improve the FPL power grid.  Mr. Fernandez contends that FPL failed to keeps it promise that the rate hike would improve the grid as it left 90% of FPL customers with power after Hurricane Irma ravaged the state.  According to the lawsuit the rate hike was suppose to be used to help get improve service in times of bad weather.

The rate hikes came in $2 to $10 fees that were added on to customers monthly Florida Power & Lights bill.  This fee was suppose to be used to clear tree limbs hanging close to power lines and move some of the more undesirable power lines in high risk areas underground.

During the outage FPL made this statement “We know patience has worn thin and with the help of thousands of hardworking men and women from 30 states and Canada, we’re working day and night to help our customers’ lives return to norma.”

The lost of power caused millions of people to be without AC during some of the hottest weather of the year.  “It’s just hot. I mean it’s been miserable for everyone,” resident Adam Keene said.

FPL also added “To our customers without power, I want you to know that we understand how frustrating it can be, and we will not stop until everyone’s lights are back on,”

The FPL Hurricane Irma Inadequate Preparation Class Action Lawsuit is entitled Octavio Fernandez v. Florida Power & Light Company and is pending in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Plaintiff Octavio Fernandez is being represented by Dorta Law and MSP Recovery Law Firm.

Questions about the case can be directed to Dorta Law at 305-441-2299 or MSP Recovery Law Firm at 305-614-2222.

Florida Power & Light Company is the third-largest electric utility in the United States, serving nearly 5 million customer accounts or an estimated 10 million people across nearly half of the state of Florida.

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