Family Fitness Cancellation Fees Class Action Lawsuit

Who is a Class Member?

  • Former Customers: Any members of Family Fitness charged cancellation fees for termination of membership
  • Current Customers: Any member who is enrolled with Family Fitness beyond anticipated length due to extraneous fees tied to cancelling membership which exceeded listed terms.

Settlement Amount

  • No exact settlement has been defined as more class members are expected to make claims following the suit being filed. The class is seeking monetary reparations for excessive cancellation fees that peaked in the thousands on some accounts. Additionally, the Court is being urged to ensure the affected consumers will not show any debts that have been accumulated through the unlawful actions.

Proof of Purchase

  • Class members submitting a claim will want to file with proper documentation of their memberships and interaction with the business.

Claim Form

Family Fitness Cancellation Fee Class Action Lawsuit Notes

Class members contend that Family Fitness violated several provisions of the Consumer Protection Act by misleading lottery winners with free memberships that come with a monthly cost, misrepresentation of contract terms, and misinforming customers that the only way to remove previous debt was to sign a new membership.

Any customers who make a claim will be represented by Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schuette who filed the lawsuit in Kent County Circuit Court. Schuette issued a cease-and-desist for these illegal proceedings in July of 2017, but was pushed to file after nearly 300 claims came against the 14-location gym this year.

Family Fitness has released a statement ensuring cooperation with both (former) members and State Attorney Schuette. They implore any concerned customers to contact the corporate office directly regarding their membership and any potential fees.


  • Consumer Protection Division: (517) 373-1140 or (877) 765-8388
  • Attorney General’s Office:

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  1. Hi,
    I live in northern California. I specifically asked about cancelation fee and they told there is no such a thing. Now they asked for $300.


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