Consumer Credit Reporting Bankruptcy Discharge Settlement

Who is a Class Member

  • “all consumers who have received an order of discharge of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and who, between March 15, 2002 and May 11, 2009 (or, for California residents in the case of TransUnion, between May 12, 2001 and May 11, 2009), had a credit report issued by a Defendant that contained debts, accounts, judgments or other obligations discharged in bankruptcy that were not reported as discharged in bankruptcy.” –

Settlement Amount

  • Monetary Class: The exact settlement is unknown at this time and will depend on how many people file claims BUT experts close to the case expect an estimated payment amount of $15 to $20
  • Non-Monetary Class: Class members will be able to pick between two free VantageScore Credit Scores and a free file disclosure

Proof of Purchase

  • Class members submitting a claim for a monetary award will want to submit supporting documentation as directed on the claim form

Claim Form

  • class action lawsuits

Consumer Credit Reporting Bankruptcy Discharge Settlement Notes

  • Hernandez, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions Inc., et al.,
  • Case No. 8:05-cv-01070
  • Under the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division

Class members contend that Equifax Information Services LLC, Experian Information Solutions Inc. and Transunion LLC violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by not taking reasonable steps to ensure accuracy in reporting debts discharged in bankruptcy.  The defendants deny any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a 36,800,000 million dollar settlement to avoid the cost of a trial.

All class members who file timely claim will be represented by Michael W. Sobol, Michael A. Caddell, James A. Francis, Leonard A. Bennett, F. Paul Bland, Arthur H. Bryant, Charles Delbaum, Stuart T. Rossman, and Lee A. Sherman.  Class members do not have to pay the attorneys as they will take a cut of the settlement fund.

Equifax Information Services LLC, Experian Information Solutions Inc. and Transunion LLC will be represented by Daniel J. McLoon (Experian), Cindy D. Hanson (Equiax), and Julia B. Strickland/Stephen J. Newman (Transunion).

Important Dates

  • November 13, 2017: Claim filing deadline
  • November 13, 2017: Opt out or object to the settlement deadline
  • December 11, 2017: Settlement fairness hearing to determine if the terms of the settlement are fair and reasonable

Contact Information

  • Mail: Hernandez Settlement Administrator, c/o JND Legal Administration, P.O. Box 91306, Seattle, WA 98111
  • Phone: 1-866-237-3432
  • Email:

Settlement Website

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