Claim in Excess of $550 in West Virginia Water Contamination Settlement

Who is a Class Member

Anyone who was provided tap water from West Virginia American’s Kanawha Valley Water Treatment Plant on January 9, 2014. This class includes both residential (house, condominium, apartment) and business-related (for-profit, non-profit, government) properties.

Additionally, anyone who was working at one of the business-related property’s who lost wages due to a necessary shut down on the above date.

Settlement Amount

Estimated $151,000,000

Proof of Purchase

No proof of purchase is necessary. Potential workers who lost wages on January 9, 2014 must provide documentation of the lost wages must be presented.

Renters who do not submit direct payment for utility charges are still eligible.

Potential Settlement Payment

Residential Households

Those living in residential locations may receive approximately $550 per household with an additional $180 per each additional personĀ living at the premises. Tenants may submit additional documents for any other losses (damages, general losses, or unexpected expenses) directly related to the water quality. Women who were pregnant on the specified date may be eligible for a payment of $1,500. Any additional medical claims may result in further distributions for out of pocket expenses up to $750 or permanent injuries.

Business-Related Properties

Qualifying businesses or valid organizations may receive approximately $1,875 with a potential ceiling of $64,000 if there was a forced shut down (of any magnitude) due to the lost quality. Owners must provide documentation for any additional losses due to damage, lost revenue, etc.


Workers who were forced to lose wages due to forced shut down can reclaim their lost funds.

Claim Form

class action lawsuits

Important Dates

12/08/2017: Deadline for personal exclusion. Hard copies must be dated be dated on or prior to this date.

12/08/2017: Deadline for personal objections.

02/21/2018: Deadline for claim filings.

01/09/2018: Final hearing.

Settlement Notes

  • Crystal Good et al. v. American Water Works, Inc. et al.
  • Case No. 2:14-cv-01374
  • Pending in the Southern District Court of West Virginia, Charleston.

Class members in the West Virginia Water contamination class action lawsuit contending that American Water Works owes reparations to those effected by a contaminated water source that occurred on January 9, 2014 which effected nine counties.

Following various amendments and different hearings, American Water (and Eastman Chemical Company) have agreed to pay distributions to those effected. The majority of residential occupants will receive equal to excessive pay for any issues that were experienced. Business entities will find fair retribution with qualifying revenue reimbursement as well. Payment will be based on member claims regarding:

  • Property damage, extra expenses, and discarded food
  • Medical treatment or physical injury
  • Business property damage, lost profits or inventory, and extra expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Enhanced risk to pregnant women
  • Additional baseline distributions for general involvement

Contact Information

Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 4227
Charleston, WB 25364

Phone: 1-855-829-8212

*Further contact can be made through the settlement website linked below.

Settlement Website

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