Claim Cash or Voucher in Rooms to Go Protection Plan Settlement

Who is a Class Member

Anyone who purchased a minimum of one ForceField Fabric or Leather Protection Plan from Rooms to Go and associated affiliates, both online or in-store. This class does not incluve any ForceField Fabric or Leather Protection Plan sold for $8.00 or less.

*Rooms to Go’s records were used to identify initial class members.

Settlement Amount

Maximum of $13,500,000.

Proof of Purchase

Rooms to Go records were utilized and will continue to be used for verifying claims.

Claim Form

class action lawsuits

Important Dates

11/17/2017: Exclusion Deadline

11/17/2017: Objection Deadline

12/15/2017: Fairness Hearing

01/15/2018: Claim Filing Deadline

Settlement Notes

  • Benjamin Hankinson, James Guerra, Jeanette Gandolfo, Lisa Palmer, Donald Anderson and Lisa Prihoda v. R.T.G. Furniture Corp., d/b/a Rooms to Go
  • Case No. 9:15-cv-81139-cohn/seltzer
  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Class members of the Rooms to Go Protection Plan class action lawsuit contend that the defendant, Rooms to Go, failed to apply the leather or furniture protectors to pieces sold to customers. The breach of contract with protection plans working in addition to product sale is enough for the class to try receive some distribution. Rooms to Go denies any allegations and all liability, but has agreed to a settlement in an effort to avoid additional expenses and litigation.

Rooms to Go will be held accountable for up to $13,500,000 in total distributions. Qualifying class members have two options for their claim. A cash value up to 10% of the amount paid for protection plans may be received. This percentage does not include the amount paid for the furniture. Should total claims exceed the maximum amount, percentages will be prorated. Members may also claim a merchandise voucher worth up to 45% of the amount paid for the plans. Voucher value will not carry over between purchases after receipt.

Involved class members have the right to hire personal lawyers, but will receive representation from court appointed lawyers who will be paid via the settlement fund. The Class Counsel includes:

  • Douglas J. McNamara
  • Eric A. Kafka
  • Theodore J. Leopold
  • Leslie M. Kroeger
  • Diana L. Martin

*Firm: Cohen, Milstein, Sellers, & Toll PLLC

Contact Information

Rooms to Go Furniture Corp. Settlement Administrator

PO Box 404018
Louisville, KY 40233-4018
Phone: 1-855-505-1506

Settlement Website

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