Claim $400 or More TransUnion “Alert List” FCRA Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member

  • TransUnion Settlement Class Members include U.S. resident who between Feb. 2012 and Dec. 2013 were the subject of Trans Union Rental Screening Solutions SmartMove reports containing one item of “Alert List” information.
  • The court has also certified a subclass of Class Members who requested and were sent a disclosure by TransUnion.

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Settlement Amount

  • $8,000,000.00

Estimated Award

  • $400 or more 

NOTE: Class members who do not opt out or exclude themselves from the settlement will automatically receive a payment of $400 if the settlement is finalized. Class members who incurred damages as a result of TransUnion’s alleged FCRA violations, may file a claim for damages in addition to the $400 payment.

Proof of Purchase

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Claim Form

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TransUnion “Alert List” FCRA Settlement Notes

  • Amit Patel v. Trans Union LLL, et al.
  • Case No. 3:14-cv-00522-LB
  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Plaintiff Amit Patel filed an amended class action lawsuit in October 2014 against TransUnion alleging the consumer reporting agency violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by mistakenly identifying more than 10,000 consumers as being on a government terrorist watchlist when they applied to rent apartments. Patel also alleges that TransUnion refused to let the affected consumers contest criminal and terrorist alerts on reports sent to landlords.

TransUnion denies it did anything wrong but agreed to settle the class action lawsuit for $8 million to avoid costs associated with ongoing litigation.

Class members who wish to exclude themselves or opt-out of the settlement must do so by Jan. 22, 2018. Class members who wish to submit a claim must do so by Jan. 22, 2018.

Important Dates

  • 1/22/18: Claim filing deadline*
  • 1/22/18: Objection, opt out, or exclusion deadline*
  • 3/8/18: Final approval hearing at 9:30 am PST (class members do not need to attend this hearing in order to receive a slice of the settlement pie).

*The Objection and Claim Filing Deadline will be extended through Feb. 21, 2018 for any claimant whose Notice was delayed due to undeliverable mail.

Contact Information

  • Mail: Patel v. Trans Union LLC, c/o Settlement Administrator RSM US LLP, PO Box 1387, Blue Bell, PA 19422
  • Phone: 1-800-222-2760
  • Email:

Class Counsel

Settlement Website

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