Claim $300 Incorrect RVT Exams Score Reporting Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member

Class members of the RVT Exams Class Action Settlement include “all individuals who took a Registered Vascular Technology (RVT) examination administered by ARDMS from September 6, 2016 to March 14, 2017, who passed the examination but received an incorrect failing score.”

The Settlement Class is comprised of two Subclasses:

Subclass 1 includes “individuals who took an RVT exam(s) administered by ARDMS from September 6, 2016 to March 14, 2017 and who, because of a process error, received a ‘failing score’ when they had in fact passed the exam(s), and who received an initial check(s) from ARDMS to cover the cost of the exam(s) and in certain instances, to cover the cost to verify their scores or take a practice exam(s), but did not cash the initial check(s) and did not request and did not receive additional compensation from ARDMS.

Subclass 2 includes “individuals who took an RVT exam(s) administered by ARDMS from September 6, 2016 to March 14, 2017 and who, because of a process error, received a “failing score” when they had in fact passed the exam(s), and who cashed the initial check(s) that were sent to them by ARDMS but did not request or receive additional compensation above and beyond the reimbursement check.”

If you are still not sure whether you are included, you can contact the Settlement Administrator at 866-652-8233.

If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out our database of other class action settlements you may be eligible for.

Settlement Amount

  • $572,641.00

Estimated Award

  • Varies

Subclass 1 Members can expect to receive a proportionate share of the net settlement fund (estimated at $445.141). Note that you will need to provide documentation to support your claims for damages to get the maximum possible recovery shown on your claim form.

Subclass 2 Members can expect to receive a payment estimated to be approximately $300.

Proof of Purchase

  • Subclass 1 Members will be prompted to enter their Claim ID and PIN Code printed on their individual postcard Class Notice. You will also need to provide documentation to support your claim for damages.

Claim Form for Subclass 1 Members

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RVT Exams Settlement Notes

  • Miller, et al. v. Inteleos, Inc.
  • Case No. 1:17-cv-00763-DAP
  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Plaintiffs Stephanie Miller and Mary Alyce Dawson brought this class action lawsuit against Inteleous on behalf of anyone who took an RVT exam administered by ARDMS. Inteleous is the organization that manages the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, or ARDMS. The plaintiffs claim that the company falsely reported they failed their sonography exam, causing them and Class members to lose wages, job opportunities, and basically ruined their reputations as credentialed sonographers.

“Plaintiffs and class members paid a $250 fee to defendant in exchange for defendant’s proper administration and accurate scoring of the exam. Plaintiffs and class members suffered the loss of this fee because they paid for an exam that was improperly scored, and their exam results were inaccurately reported,” the lawsuit asserts. “Indeed, because plaintiff Dawson and other class members falsely believed that they had failed the exam, they paid another $250 fee to defendant in order to re-take the exam, even though they had already passed the exam and received no benefit from re-taking the exam.”

Complete details about the case and settlement are provided on the RVT Exams Settlement website.

The deadline for excluding yourself or objecting to the terms of the RVT Exams Settlement has passed. Subclass 1 members who wish to participate in the settlement must submit their claim form on or before March 1, 2018. Subclass 2 members do not need to do anything to receive a check.

Important Dates

  • 3/1/18: Claim Form Deadline
  • 2/4/18: Objection or Exclusion Deadline
  • 3/22/18: Final Hearing at 11:30 am ET* (class members do not need to attend this hearing in order to receive a slice of the settlement pie).

Settlement Class Members who wish to speak at the hearing should check to confirm that the date or time of the Hearing has not been changed.

Contact Information

  • Mail: Miller, et al. v. Inteleos Inc., KCC, Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 404041, Louisville, KY 40233-4041
  • Phone: 1-866-652-8233
  • Email:

Class Counsel

Settlement Website

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