Claim $148 in General Information Solutions Background Check Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member

  • Anyone who received background check reports from General Information Solutions which showed events different from criminal convictions that were greater than seven years old between the dates of January 19, 2014 and December 31, 2016.

Preliminary Settlement

  • $704,000

Required Documentation (Proof)

  • No proof of purchase is necessary.

Claim Form

  • Valid class members will be automatically sent payments without the need to file a claim. Checks will be mailed to the addresses shown in company records. Possible changes to information may need to be updated
  • Members may opt out of the settlement.

Important Dates

  • 10/10/17: Deadline for filing a written request to be excluded.
  • 10/23/17: Deadline for settlement term objections.
  • 12/11/17: Final Hearing

General Information Solutions Background Check Class Action Settlement Case Notes

  • Tyus v. General Information Solutions LLC
  • Case No. 2017CP3201389
  • Pending in the Court of Common Pleas – Lexington County, South Carolina

The Tyus v. General Information Solutions LLC is oriented around the claim that General Information Solutions has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by misrepresenting non-criminal violations as criminal in background check reports. Multiple plaintiffs came forward with complaints about reports. One of the initial people to step forward, Rondo Tyus, contended that his 2003 disorderly conduct violation was improperly reported on a 2014 background check. This is one of the defining accounts as the account is both non-criminal and more than seven years old.

General Information continues to deter all claims, but agreed to settle to a $704,000 fund that will be redistributed to qualifying members. A portion of the fund will also be used to pay any court fees, attorney wages, and additional awards. Members who were misrepresented will automatically receive payments through mailed checks. Expected distribution is to be roughly $150 each. No claims are required, but written requests to be excluded must be submitted by the aforementioned deadline.

Class Counsel

  • E. Michelle Drake (Berger & Montague PC)
  • John G. Albanese (Berger & Montague PC)
  • Thomas C. Lenz (First Albrecht & Blondis)

Defense Counsel

  • Cindy D. Hanson (Troutman C. Lenz)

Settlement Website


  • Mail: Tyus Settlement Administrator, c/o JND Legal Administration, PO Box 7118, Broomfield, CO 80021
  • Phone: 1-888-551-9702

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