CITGO TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Who is a Class Member

  • Anyone in the United States who received a text message from CITGO in August, October and/or November 2016

Settlement Amount

  • The $8 million dollar settlement will be distributed on a pro rata basis which means the amount any one class members receives will depend on the total amount of claims filed

Proof of Purchase

  • Class members will be required to provide the cell phone number in which the text messages were received and declare under the penalty of perjury

Claim Form

Matthew Gottlieb v. CITGO Petroleum Corporation

  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Palm Beach Division
  • Case No. 9:16-cv-81911-RLR

The CITGO TCPA class action lawsuit revolves around claims that CITGO Petroleum Corporation Inc. violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending text messages to consumers cell phones without their prior written consent.  The text messages in question were related to a sweepstakes that CITGO was trying to push from 2014 to 2016.  Plaintiff Matthew Gottlieb claims he received three text messages from CITGO in regards to sweepstakes and promotions in an attempt to get him to become a contestant.  According to the class action lawsuit around 93,000 text messages were sent to class member like Matthew Gottieb without their written consent.

CITGO denies any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a 8 million dollar settlement fund in order to avoid the unknown cost associated with a trial.

Class members who file valid claims will be represented by Jeff M. Ostrow, Avi R. Kaufman, Scott Edelsberg, and Andrew J. Shamis.  Class members do not have to pay the attorneys as they will simply take a cut of the settlement pot.  CITGO Petroleum Corporation Inc. will be represented by Scott Solberg from the law firm of Elmer Stahl LLP.

Important Dates

  • Claim form deadline: 12/14/17
  • Object or Exclude Yourself from the Settlement: 10/30/17
  • Fairness Hearing: 11/29/17 at 11am ET (class members are not required to attend the fairness hearing in order to receive a slice of the 8 million dollar settlement pie)

Contact Information

Settlement Website

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  1. I received so many bothersome text messages from these clowns… about time someone filed a class action lawsuit against these bums


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