Settles to Excess of $1M in Class Action Lawsuit

Who is a Class Member

Anyone who entered into an agreeement with for a prepared broker price opinion on or following the date of December 2, 2007. These potential class members must have not been paid any allowance owed by

Settlement Amount


*Only $1,020,000 defined as Settlement awards. All additional fees are for counsel.

Proof of Purchase

Initial forms do not require additional proof.

Claim Form

class action lawsuits

Important Dates

10/31/2017: Claim filing deadline.

10/31/2017: Individual exclusion deadline.

10/31/2017: Objection deadline.

Settlement Notes

  • Wornicki, et al. v., et al.
  • Case No. 1:13-CV-03258-PAB-KMT
  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado

Class members of the unpaid BPO class action lawsuit challenge that the defense has gone against established agreements for real estate evaluations. Plaintiffs contend that the defendant has unlawfully failed to provide proper payment for the work detailed in the working terms. The class is seeking an injunction to restrain the practices of and relief for any additional fees that have risen to the legal process.

The defendants in the class action lawsuit involves the following entities:

  •, Inc.
  • Walter Coats
  • First Valuation, LLC
  • First Valuation Services, LLC
  • First Valuation Technology, LLC
  • Valutech, Inc.
  • Cartel Asset Management, LLC

Defense continues to deny any allegations and all liability, claiming that any award or injunction is inappropriate. It was established through plaintiff discovery that the defendants do not hold proper funding to reimburse amounts owed. Given this state, both sides settled to new terms and conditions to avoid additional litigation.Total settlement funds amount to $1,567,000. Class payment is limited to $1,020,000 of this amount. Additional costs include counsel fees, notice fees, and other administrative costs. Qualifying class members will receive a distribution equal to settlement funds divided by total amount owed by defendants multiplied by the amount owed to the individual.

All class members who file valid claims in the case will be represented by:

  • Beth E. Terrell, Jennifer Rust Murray, and Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC
  • Jeffrey A. Berens (Berens Law LLC)
  • Stefan Coleman (Stefan Coleman LLCS)

Contact Information

Claims Administrator
PO Box 6878
Broomfield, CO 80021

Phone: 1-888-551-9797

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  1. Money still owed to me for services from 2/18 to present. As the deadline has passed and according to what I read there was a person responsible affter the settlement to see that I this practice doesn’t continue to happen. Well it happened to me.
    My question is what can I do now since they have stonewalled me to date. 31 completed orders $1850 due


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