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BicRazorsFreebate com Promotion

The following Bic Razors are eligible for this promotion:

BIC® Soleil®, BIC® Soleil® Shine, BIC® Soleil Bella®, BIC® Soleil Bella® Sun-Twist®, BIC® Soleil® Glow®, BIC®Soleil® Twilight®, BIC® Soleil® Color Collection®, BIC® Soleil® Sensitive, BIC® Simply Soleil, BIC® Simply Soleil Click, BIC Soleil Bella® Click, BIC Soleil Click 5, BIC®Soleil® Balance, BIC® Flex 2® Hybrid®, Flex3 Hybrid, Flex5 Hybrid, Flex5, Flex4, Flex3, Hybrid 4 Flex, Hybrid 3 Comfort, Comfort 3®Advance®

bicrazorsfreebate com

Bicrazorsfreebate com Promotional Notes

  • Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery
  • Requests must be postmarked by 3/23/19 and received by 3/30/19
  • Reproductions of certificates, UPCs and cash register receipts are not valid

Must be 18 years of age or older in order to take advantage of this offer.

Bic Razors Freebate Contacts

  • Mail: BIC Razors Freebate PO Box 7770 Melville, NY 11775-7770
  • Phone: 800-872-8893 Monday-Friday between 9 am ET and 5 pm ET

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