Best Buy Class Action Over Geek Squad Protection Plan Not Honored As Full Warranties

A class action lawsuit was filed on October 19 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida against Best Buy. The company is accused of failing to honor it Geek Squad Protection Plan. The plaintiff, Nola Touche of Alachua, Fla., alleges Best Buy’s warranty coverage did not meet the federal minimum standards for warranties as established by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The plaintiff is seeking injunctive relief, attorney’s fees, compensatory damages, and other relief as deemed by the court.

On or around December 1, 2012, Touche purchased a Samsung TV and a $239.99 five-year Geek Squad protection plan from Best Buy. According to the Best Buy website, the plan guarantees customers that their damaged electronics will be fixed or replaced for up to five years after purchase. Touche’s television began to malfunction in October of 2017, while still under the five-year warranty. Believing the problem to be covered under her warranty, Touche contacted the company for assistance. Best Buy sent a representative to her house to assess the television. The representative ordered and installed a new piece of hardware, although this did not resolve the issue and the television was not repaired.

The Magnusson-Moss Act was first passed by Congress in 1975. The Act was meant to incentivize companies to honor their warranties and make it easier for consumers to seek a remedy for malfunctioning products. Under the law, companies are required to display “rules for full, clear and conspicuous disclosure terms and conditions; addition to or in lieu of written warranty.” The Act goes on to state the company must specify whether a warranty offers full or limited coverage for the product.

The lawsuit argues that Best Buy failed to conspicuously inform customers that the warranty was limited, as required by law. Due to this omission, Touche reasonably thought her television was fully covered. Her suit is requesting that Best Buy honor the full coverage of the warranty and offer a solution to their defective product.

According to the suit, “as a result of Best Buy’s unlawful conduct, Plaintiff suffers injury with a failed television and inadequate means to fully assess and/or enforce her rights under the [Geek Squad Protection Plan] and the Federal Minimum Standards for warranties.”

Touche and her lawyer, Simone Chriss, have filed the suit on behalf of anyone who has purchased a Geek Squad Protection Plan since October of 2012. The lawsuit is Nola Touche v. Best Buy Stores LP (d/b/a Best Buy, Geek Squad and Magnolia Home Theater), Case No. 1:17-cv-00259-RH-GRH, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

Any questions in regards to the Best Buy Geek Squad Protection Plan Class Action Lawsuit can be directed to Simone Chriss at the law firm of Southern Legal Counsel (352) 271-8890.  Southern Legal Counsel is headquartered at 1229 NW 12th AveGainesville, FL 32601-4113.

2 thoughts on “Best Buy Class Action Over Geek Squad Protection Plan Not Honored As Full Warranties”

  1. I was told each time i purchased the warranty that it covered even if for some reason my tv fell and crashed to floor when moving. Low and behold mines did just that. They Say now that their warrenty doesn’t cover damages. I laughed at sakes person when he told me what it covered. So i elaborated and specifically asked if it fell of stand during moving furniture around our moving in general would it be covered. He stated yes. Everyone i know says the same thing.

  2. Ugh…I’m having to deal with Geek Squads blatant refusal to honor the extended warranty, (specifically the section relating to replacement if reasonable efforts have been made to repair it with no success) on a $5,000 Samsung TV purchased in 2015.
    On top of that the plan is expiring this coming Dec 27th, 2018 but they have now DOUBLED the re-enrollment cost!! It was around $70 a year for 3 years (purchased annually as opposed to buying a multi-year plan) but now after having a board put in the set in September 2018 with no resolution to the problem (the repair literally introduced new issues!) they want me to pay $152.xx with tax PER YEAR!
    Such a scam.
    Do the research for complaints folks…Geek Squad has a horrible track record of honoring the warranty they upsell!


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