Bank of America Mortgage Modification Class Action Lawsuit


A class action lawsuit has been filed against Bank of America claiming they wrongly rejected mortgage modification agreements.  Plaintiffs Stacie and Adam Rhodes claim that Bank of America are not honoring their own mortgage modification agreements.  The case is entitled Rhodes v. Bank of America NA, and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

According to the plaintiffs Bank of America rejected their permanent mortgage modification agreement and then foreclosed on their home in July 2017.  Stacie and Adam Rhodes claim they received a letter from BOA stating that the rejection was due to the notary’s printed name and signature was missing on the notary’s middle initial.

Plaintiffs Stacie and Adam Rhodes are being represented by the law firm of Kelly & Crandell PLC (Kristi C. Kelly, Andrew J. Guzzo and Casey S. Nash).  Stacie and Adam Rhodes are seeking award payouts for damages and for Bank of America to honor their loan modifications.


  1. I was employed by BOA in modification department, as Policy and Producure Manager and was wrongfully terminated because I challenged upper management for not complying to Federal Regulations. Would this class action case include people like myself? Is there anyone that would be interested in my story?

    • I was a single mother and was struggling withy mortgage payments. Bank of America purchased my loan from my original lender, so when I called BOA regarding a modification I was told no due to the fact that I was not behind and had never been? Ultimately I tried to sell the home and was unable to do so. I contacted them regarding a Deed in Lieu. BOA reluncnctly agreed, however, even after I was denied access to the house I paid all of the utilities on the home because it was winter and I was afraid the pipes would burst and they would hold me responsible for that. BOA ended up selling my home for a profit and then turning around and sending a 1099 to the IRS looking like I obtained those funds. I had to pay for additional CPA services for a revised 2013 tax return showing the IRS that I did not receive those funds nor did I receive anything from BOA regarding this information. Now, five years later, I am applying for a student loan to study abroad for my Masters and I am being denied because BOA is showing I was foreclosed on, which was not the case. Bank of America never filed papers, I paid for the Deed in lieu receording and home was sold within a month after the filing. In addition, the utilities I paid for as well. Now, I am having to write letters to all three reporting agencies with copies of correspondences and Deed.

    • Sydney, My attorney may want to speak with you. Victim here of BOA constantly stating they didn’t receive paperwork, and excuse after excuse after excuse to not allow us to benefit from the HAMP government mod. It is so obvious now that they defrauded 100’s of thousands of people. Makes me sick.
      Sydney my email Thank you!!!!!!!!

      I have a few names of employees I’d like to run past you to see if they were involved in the fraud too.

  2. Bank of America would not intitle us to a loan modification when I was left without a job due to a disability. I believe Bank of America wanted the kickbacks from the government so they weren’t giving loan modifications. We were forced into a short sale and had to take out early retirement benefits to purchase a home to put on our Campground lot that we had for weekend camping. This in turn, cost us 200 massive taxes to the federal and state government of Maryland for early withdrawal fees on our 401k and retirement. We asked for loan modification in 2010 and moved out of her home by 2012. Does this class action lawsuit include us? Thank you
    Cheryl Graphman

  3. I too was exploited by BofA. As a single mom, I needed a springboard for retirement so purchased a duplex in ’06, and absolutely loved that place! However a couple years later BofA sent me letter after letter on what I needed to do to stay in my home. First, I walked into a local b of a bank to ask for assistance, and was told they couldn’t help me. I decided to call the number they provided, and was told to overnight them specific information. I did, someone signed for it but nobody could locate it and to do it again. This went on for at least half a dozen times! Then They sent me a notification letter that they we’re forclosing on me unless I paid them several Thousand dollars! I had just done a large renovation, and there was no way I could come up with that much by their deadline. I kept asking the to just transfer the note and I’ll pay them instead of CountryWide, but no, they forced me into bankruptcy and short sale. My whole retirement gone! Starting over later in life is not easy. I have lived an upstanding, honorable life and did everything right only to have the rug pulled out from under me for less than half what I paid! BofA truly traumatized me! But hey, the greedy double dipped, they got their government bail out. The rest of us got zip! I would love to see them go under! I still have my big BofA box if anyone is interested,

  4. Yes I would like to file a claim as well or find out who I need to talk to. I have all the paperwork, confirmation numbers all the checks sent in and names people we talked with for the modificayion process at Bank of America. Paperwork was lost several times and resent everything, after 12 payments for modification we were denied and where denied after 12 months of paying in to Bank of America for the modification of a loan. then to have all confirmed payments – they started to foreclose on us. Got a lawyer to try to get back the $ we paid in (12 payments) and they would not take our phone calls and had no record of payments sent in – this bank should have been shut down and everything striped as they have done to so many people, how in the world did this ever happen! They dont have enough money to pay all of the people that have been through hell and back, and have put our families as well through this. This has devised so many and in my mind they have taken advantage of people in need, and then made there lives even worse! There is no price on something like this!


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