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We are a trusted and highly regarded class action lawsuit website specialising in settlement information.


classactionwallet.com about usDear Consumers,

We pull back the curtains on class action settlements so that consumers, not big business, win.

Through the decades, understanding your rights as a consumer has become increasingly challenging. That’s where this website comes in. Our belief is that consumers should understand the power that exists in uniting to combat corporations who have performed illegal actions.

We Bridge the Gap between Consumers and Lawyers

There’s a gap between class action settlements and the consumer. The sad truth: The vast majority of those who were the victims never receive the money that they deserve. The media puts so much attention on celebrities and political figures that most class action settlements never even make it to the local newspaper in the states where victims reside.

Beyond the challenge of learning in the first place about class action settlements, you as a consumer face the challenge of figuring out exactly what to do and where to go to get the money that you are due. Seeking help? Unless you are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money to hire your own private lawyer, you’re out of luck.

Our goal in offering the material on this site for free is to make the class action settlement process transparent. Through Class Action Wallet, you’ll become familiar with the terms of those legal documents involved.

Stop Worrying and Start Collecting

How to visualize what Class Action Wallet does? Imagine that you’re strolling along the sidewalk. Across the street, you see a pile of money that someone dropped. There’s no one around, so you know you’re entitled to it.

But there’s so much traffic going so fast that you’re hesitant to even try to cross the street to get your money. Alas, by the time you figure out how to get across safely, either the money is gone or a new round of traffic begins.

We’re your conduit to that money, and my goal is to remove the stress from class action settlements to help you receive what you deserve. Whether you’re having problems understanding exactly what is involved in filing for a class action settlement or need guidance figuring out what to put on those complicated forms, I designed this site specifically to solve your need.

I want to hear from you. Got tips on what you’d like to see on this site? Looking for information that you can’t find? Just contact us at info@classactionwallet.com.

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