$6.5M Olympic Rescue It Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member

You are included in the Olympic Rescue It class action settlement if you are a “person or entity in the United States and its territories who purchased, not for resale, a Rescue It! or Revitalize Product during the class period, January 1, 2013 through April 27, 2017 and you have experienced a Qualifying Problem.”

The specific products included in this settlement are:

  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!™ Wood & Concrete Resurfacer
  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!® Resurfacer + Sealant In One Moderate Restoration
  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!® Resurfacer + Sealant In One Light Restoration
  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!® MAX Resurfacer + Primer + Sealant
  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!® Prep Cleaner MAX (Reimbursement of purchase price only)
  • Olympic® RESCUE IT!® Maintenance Wash MAX (Reimbursement of purchase price only)
  • Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Revitalize Wood & Concrete Resurfacer
  • Pittsburgh® Paints & Stains Revitalize™ Wood & Concrete Resurfacer
  • Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Revitalize® Resurfacer & Sealant In One Light Restoration
  • Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Revitalize® Resurfacer & Sealant In One Heavy To Moderate Restoration

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Settlement Amount

  • $6,500,000.00

Estimated Award


Class members who submit a valid and timely claim can qualify for reimbursement of the

  • Purchase price paid for any Rescue It! product
  • Amounts paid to remove the Rescue It! or Revitalize Products
  • Amounts paid to replace decks or other structures as a result of a Qualifying Problem

Proof of Purchase

  • Claimants will need to submit proof such as:
    • Receipt from retailer or contractor showing the purchase price of the product
    • Photograph of an opened Rescue It product container and a photograph of it applied to your deck
    • Record of a warranty claim or other communication with PPG Industries
    • Receipt, invoice, or estimate from a contractor reflecting a Qualifying Problem with Rescue It!

Claim Form

  • class action lawsuits

Olympic Rescue It Settlement Notes

  • Traxler, et al. v. PPG Industries Inc., et al.
  • Case No. 1:15-cv-00912-DAP
  • Pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division

In May 2015, ten named plaintiff filed this class action lawsuit against PPG Industries alleging that its Olympic Rescue It! and Revitalize home improvement products are defective and peel, crack, and bubble, causing damage to the surfaces to which it is applied. Lead plaintiff Matthew Traxler claims that PPG made a host of misrepresentations about the quality, durability and longevity of its Olympic Rescue It products and that the company knew of the problems but chose to mask the issues and shift blame to the consumers.

PPG Industries Inc. denies allegations and maintains that their products are not defective, however they have agreed to settle the class action lawsuit for $6.5 million. Complete details about the case and settlement are provided on the Olympic Rescue It settlement website.

The Rescue It Settlement was granted final approval on August 23, 2017. Class members who wish to participate in the settlement must submit a claim form on or before August 24, 2018.

Important Dates

  • 8/24/18: Claim Form Deadline
  • 8/23/18 Final Hearing at 2:00 pm ET* (class members do not need to attend this hearing in order to receive a slice of the settlement pie).

*Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Class Members who wish to speak at the hearing should check www.RescueItSettlement.com to confirm that the date or time of the Hearing has not been changed.

Contact Information

  • Mail: Rescue It! Claims Administrator, c/o Angeion Group, 1801 Market Street, Ste 660, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Phone: 1-888-557-3480
  • Email: RescueIt@AdministratorClassAction.com

Class Counsel

Settlement Website

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