$5M Missouri Hannibal Water Class Action Settlement


Who is a Class Member

The Missouri Hannibal Water class action settlement consists of two Classes:

Rate-payer Class: “All current residents of the State of Missouri who, at any time between September 1, 2011 and February 28, 2016, were billed and paid for water provided by the City of Hannibal, Missouri public water supply system.”

Medical Monitoring Class: “All current residents of the State of Missouri who, for a minimum period of three years, between the dates of September 2011 and February 2016, resided in the City of Hannibal, and drank and/or bathed in water provided by the City of Hannibal, Missouri public water supply system.”

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Settlement Amount

  • $5,000,000.00

Estimated Award


Medical Monitoring Class Members can receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs associated with a voluntary urinalysis for blood and urine cytology lab test that were administered prior to October 23, 2018.

Proof of Purchase

  • Class members in the Medical Monitoring Class must submit written proof and supporting documentation of any out-of-pocket costs, in the form of a receipt, explanation of benefits, or invoice showing your out-of-pocket costs for a urinalysis for blood and urine cytology reflecting that the test was administered before October 23, 2018.

Claim Form

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Missouri Hannibal Water Settlement Notes

  • Oliver Latta, et al. v. Hannibal Board of Public Works, et al.
  • Case No. 16SL-CC01881
  • Pending in the Circuit Court of the County of St. Louis, State of Missouri

Four named plaintiffs brought this class action lawsuit against the City of Hannibal, Missouri and the Hannibal Board of Public Works regarding the quality of water between September 2011 and February 2016.

Specifically, the plaintiffs alleges that the Hannibal defendants was negligent in supplying water “unfit for human consumption” because the water contained elevated levels of total trihalomethanes, a disinfection byproduct used during that time below EPA allowable limites. Some studies indicate their is higher chance of certain cancers due to exposure of excessive levels of the byproduct.

Under the terms of the settlement, the Hannibal defendants will pay a minimum of $5 million for water quality improvements, including installing a carbon water filtration system (estimated at over $14 million). The settlement will also payout $205,000 in a fund for residents who consumed the water over a period of three years. Members of this Class will need to submit a claim for reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs for a urinalysis for blood and urine cytology.

Hannibal denies the allegations and denies any wrongdoing.. Complete details about the case and settlement are provided on the Missouri Hannibal Water settlement website.

Class members who wish to object to or exclude themselves from the Missouri Hannibal Water settlement must do so by August 10, 2018. Class members who wish to participate in the settlement must submit a claim form on or before October 23, 2018.

Important Dates

  • 10/23/18: Claim Form Deadline
  • 8/10/18: Objection or Exclusion Deadline
  • 8/24/18: Final Hearing at 1:30 pm CT* (class members do not need to attend this hearing in order to receive a slice of the settlement pie).

*Settlement Class Members who wish to speak at the hearing should check www.HannibalWaterLawsuitSettlement.com to confirm that the date or time of the Hearing has not been changed.

Contact Information

  • Mail: Latta et al. v. Hannibal Board of Public Works, et al. Settlement, c/o Analytics Consulting, P.O. Box 2005, Chanhassen, MN 55317-2005
  • Phone: 1-866-260-5869
  • Email: Claims@HannibalWaterLawsuitSettlement.com

Class Counsel

  • Chris Nidel, Jonathan Nace, Daniel Ryan, Steven German, and Joel Rubenstein of Nidel & Nace PLLC

Settlement Website


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