$300,000 Harcourt Hotel Housing Class Action Settlement

Who is a Class Member Anyone in the United States who stayed at a Harcourt Hotel and were required to move, or check out or reregister, before the expiration of 30 days of occupancy, between June 18, 2011 and June 17, 201
Settlement Amount $300,000
Proof of Purchase Yes.  Class members must submit under the penalty of perjury that they lived in a unit at the Harcourt Hotel during the Class Period, and provide their Social Security number for tax reporting purposes.
Claim Form class action lawsuits
Important Dates

11/20/2017: Settlement Fairness Hearing

11/14/2017: Claim Form Deadline

11/14/17: Objection Deadline

Settlement Notes

A settlement has been approved in the class action lawsuit entitled Boice, et al. v. Harcourt Group LLC, et al., which is pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Francisco and is listed as Case No. GCG-14-539994.

Class members contend that Harcourt Group LLC and Sojourn Properties Inc. improperly required certain tenants to move out of the Harcourt Hotel before they obtained tenant rights.  Harcourt Group LLC and Sojourn Properties Inc. deny any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid unknown cost of a future trial.

Plaintiffs Eric Boice, Vinetta Boice, Jennifer Hawkins and Yowie Stromberg (lead plantiffs) also accuse the defendants of violating the Health and Safety Code and the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.

Class member shave until November 14, 2017 to submit a claim and all class member who file valid claims will be represented by Mark Hooshm and Tyson Redenbarger from the Hooshmand Law Group.

Contact Information Hooshmand Law Group – Harcourt Class Action
c/o Mark Hooshmand, Esq.
22 Battery Street, Suite 610
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 318-5709
Settlement Website hooshmandlawgroup.com


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