$21.9M Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Buyer Discrimination Settlement

Who is a Class Member

To be eligible for payment from the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Buyer Discrimination Settlement:

  • “A buyer must have gotten an auto loan to buy a vehicle financed by Toyota Motor Credit Corporation between January 1, 2011, and August 1, 2016.
  • At least one buyer on the contract must be African-American, Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander.
  • The buyer(s) must also have been identified by the Government as having been overcharged by Toyota Motor Credit Corporation.

You do not need to have an open account with Toyota Motor Credit Corporation to be eligible for a payment. It does not matter whether your account went into default or your vehicle was repossessed.”

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Settlement Amount

  • $21,900,000.00

Estimated Award

  • Varies

The first page of your Buyer Participation Packet shows the estimated minimum payment that you will receive if you are eligible. Your final payment may be larger. If you did not receive a Buyer Participation Packet, but you believe that you are entitled to receive a payment under this settlement, you will need to complete and submit an Settlement Eligibility Form.

Proof of Purchase

  • Claimants filing online will need to provide their unique ID number found on your individual Notice as well as your TMC account number. Claimants submitting the Settlement Eligibility Form will need to provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number along with their TMC account number.

Buyer Login

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If you do not have a Buyer Login, you will need to submit a Settlement Eligibility Form, which you can download here. 

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Buyer Discrimination Settlement Notes

In February 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Department of Justice resolved an investigation into Toyota Motor Credit Corporation’s alleged practices of buyer racial discrimination. Reportedly, TMCC charged higher interest rates to African-American, Asian, and Pacific Islander borrowers than non-Hispanic white borrowers for auto loans, regardless of their credit worthiness.

“No consumer should be forced to pay more money for a loan because of their race or national origin,” said U.S. Attorney Eileen M. Decker of the Central District of California. “This settlement resolves our claims by providing compensation for affected consumers and seeking to ensure that future loans funded by Toyota reflect equal terms.”

In agreeing to settle the buyer racial discrimination allegations launched by the CFPB and DOJ, Toyota Motor Credit does not admit any fault, but will set up a fund to repay eligible buyers up to $21.9 million. Additionally, Toyota will revise its pricing and compensation system to reduce the dealer’s discretion to mark up interest rates.

Complete details about the investigation and settlement can be found on the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Buyer Discrimination Settlement website.

Important Dates

  • 5/8/18: Claim Form Deadline (aka Buyer Response Deadline)

Contact Information

  • Mail: Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Settlement, Settlement Administrator: Epiq Systems, P.O. Box 3775, Portland, OR 97208-3775
  • Phone: 1-844-778-5953
  • Fax: 1-844-840-0630
  • Email: info@TMCCSettlement.com

Class Counsel

  • N/A

Settlement Website

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  1. I owned a Toyota Corolla. I sold it some years ago. I’m a black senior female. Do I qualify for this settlement? Please advised. Linda Love
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