American Airlines Baggage Fee Class Action Settlement

American Airlines Baggage Fee Class Action Settlement A class action lawsuit was filed against American Airlines, claiming they incorrectly charged specific customers baggage fees after February 23, 2017, for tickets purchased before April 9, 2020 (“Case Timeframe”), breaching American’s contract with these customers. File a claim at All claim forms must be filed by … Read more

Spencers Data Breach Settlement, Claim Form, Up To $500 Cash

Spencers Data Breach Settlement This settlement will resolve claims that Spencers failed to prevent a 2021 data breach that compromised employee information. Spencers denies all actions of wrongdoing but has agreed to settle to avoid a lengthy court battle. Who Should File A Claim? Anyone whom received a notice that their personally identifying information was … Read more

OPMDataBreach Settlement Claim Form & Contact Info

OPMDataBreach Settlement Claim Form The courts have approved a 63 million dollar settlement in the Office of Personnel Management data breach class action lawsuit. Visit to file a claim now. Trending: T-Mobile Data breach Settlement Claim Form Who should file a claim? Class members are defined as “You are a class member and are … Read more